> Introduction
Investment casting process, which also is known as the lost-wax process, is a very old technique to cast the objects of the arts. Its roots go back to ancient China.Today, investment casting is recognised and used world wide as a technique for producing "Near Net-shape" parts at very competitive costs. Taifung is the leading supplier of investment casting in China and is one of the most experienced companies offering this specialised process. There are many reasons to choose investment casting over other processes.
The main reasons are:
>>Design freedom.
>>High surface finish.
>>Close tolerances.
>>Reduced labour, tooling and machining costs.
>>Wide variety of alloys.
Cost Savings
Because investment casting can produce parts which achieve or closely approximate
finished dimensions, you can enjoy significant savings through elimination of machining operations, increased tool life and reduction of labor cost and parts scrap rate.
Investment castings can provide one casting, which might have previously required
several pieces made in different processes and several different materials
If consistency has ever been a problem with other processes, investment casting is consistent from run to run within casting tolerance. Doní»t worry about tooling wear, changes in dimensions, or other problems associated with alternate processes. With investment casting tooling you get the same dimensions next month, next year and up to ten years from now.


> The Process
1. Metal

Incoming lots of ferroalloys are accompanied by a certification which have to match to our established specifications of chemistry, size and shape.
2. Ceramics
Testing is performed on incoming lots of refractoriness and binders to guarantee conformance to required specifications.
3. Wax
Wax is made to specifications for filler content, softening point and other established criteria to ensure the consistency that will yield acceptable patterns with pre-decided characteristics. Wax produced to these specifications ensures that castings will have an superior surface finish and
consistent dimensions.

Under the economic crisis ,we must be fortitudinous and never give up.Believe yourself,believe Taifung,we will always be with you.


Markets Applied:
*Heat treatment equipment
* Food and Beverage Processing Equipment
* Textile Machinery Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Automotive Equipment
* Agricultural Machinery Equipment
* Industrial Impellers, Pumps & Valves
* Door Hardware and Hinges
* Marine Hardware and Equipment
* Security Systems
* Glass Industry
* Hand Tools
* Electrical Equipment
* Machine Tools and Satellite Antenna Systems
* Rail Industry
* Military & Munitions Components
* Optical Components
* Petro-chemical & Oil Industries
* Cranes, Hoists and Chain Lifts
* Industrial Clamps
* Packaging Equipment
* Pollution Monitoring Equipment
* Architectural Industries
* Exhausts and Combustion
* And more

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