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Dongying Taifung Precision Metal Co.,Ltd
地址: 山东省东营市牛庄镇创业园创汇路17号
Add: No.17?Chuanghui?Road,?Niuzhuang?Industrial Park,?Dongying, Shandong 257086, China
Tel:  +86-546-7750798
Fax:  +86-546-7750968
Web: www.taifung-casting.com
E-mail: info@taifung-casting.com


Markets Applied:
*Heat treatment equipment
* Food and Beverage Processing Equipment
* Textile Machinery Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Automotive Equipment
* Agricultural Machinery Equipment
* Industrial Impellers, Pumps & Valves
* Door Hardware and Hinges
* Marine Hardware and Equipment
* Security Systems
* Glass Industry
* Hand Tools
* Electrical Equipment
* Machine Tools and Satellite Antenna Systems
* Rail Industry
* Military & Munitions Components
* Optical Components
* Petro-chemical & Oil Industries
* Cranes, Hoists and Chain Lifts
* Industrial Clamps
* Packaging Equipment
* Pollution Monitoring Equipment
* Architectural Industries
* Exhausts and Combustion
* And more

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