Dongying Taifung Precision Metal Co., Ltd is located in Dongying, Shandong where the Yellow River joins the sea, creating abundant resources and beautiful environment; more importantly, it takes three hours to drive to Qingdao port, which provides convenient transportation for us to go global.

As a specialized castings manufacturer including tooling, investment casting, heat treatment, precision machining,surface treatment and assembly, we adopt silica sol and sodium silicate lost-wax processes to serve a huge variety of markets that requires metal parts in stainless steels, heat-resistant steel alloy steels, carbon steels, copper alloys and aluminum alloys, markets applied Heat treatment equipment, marine hardware, construction spider, pipe fitting, pump, valve, auto part and all kinds of special machinery parts,with an annual capacity up to 500 tons. In addition, we guarantee our raw material sourcing, packing and delivery to be performed by the advanced equipments and experienced working team. Furthermore, we have established an exact QA system, which enables us to continuously meet customers’ desire for quality castings and technical services.

At present, we are able to provide customers with corresponding storage space and management, depending upon we own a warehouse of 400 square meters. Meanwhile, we built an assembly workshop in order to optimize our service, which paved the way for excellent assembled products and finished products for the customers.


Markets Applied:
*Heat treatment equipment
* Food and Beverage Processing Equipment
* Textile Machinery Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Automotive Equipment
* Agricultural Machinery Equipment
* Industrial Impellers, Pumps & Valves
* Door Hardware and Hinges
* Marine Hardware and Equipment
* Security Systems
* Glass Industry
* Hand Tools
* Electrical Equipment
* Machine Tools and Satellite Antenna Systems
* Rail Industry
* Military & Munitions Components
* Optical Components
* Petro-chemical & Oil Industries
* Cranes, Hoists and Chain Lifts
* Industrial Clamps
* Packaging Equipment
* Pollution Monitoring Equipment
* Architectural Industries
* Exhausts and Combustion
* And more

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