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Polishing Defined: In the metal finishing field the word polishing means to remove tool and die marks, parting lines, pits, scratches and other imper-fections to acquire a smooth uniform surface. This is done by use of an abrasive belt incorporating different abrasive grit sizes to achieve the desired finish. This technique is used in de-burring of parts or to provide
a Grain, Brush, or Satin finish.

Secondary Finishing Services
* Sand Blasting(Glass head
blasting, corundum-sand
blasting and quartz-sand
blasting etc)
* Pickling & passivating
* Plating(Tnt-plated,Zn-plated)
* Electro polishing
* Power Coat
* Etching,engraving&laser marked
* Assembly

We specialize in Polishing:
* Stainless Steel
* Aluminum
* Brass
* Copper
* Zinc



Markets Applied:
*Heat treatment equipment
* Food and Beverage Processing Equipment
* Textile Machinery Equipment
* Medical Equipment
* Automotive Equipment
* Agricultural Machinery Equipment
* Industrial Impellers, Pumps & Valves
* Door Hardware and Hinges
* Marine Hardware and Equipment
* Security Systems
* Glass Industry
* Hand Tools
* Electrical Equipment
* Machine Tools and Satellite Antenna Systems
* Rail Industry
* Military & Munitions Components
* Optical Components
* Petro-chemical & Oil Industries
* Cranes, Hoists and Chain Lifts
* Industrial Clamps
* Packaging Equipment
* Pollution Monitoring Equipment
* Architectural Industries
* Exhausts and Combustion
* And more

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